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Pretty Bride’s wedding video goes viral as she uses coal pot fan as bridal fan [Watch]

By Admin . July 9,2021

A pretty bride has got a video from her traditional wedding trending after exhibiting a different vibe on her special media.

In the video sighted by online, the beautiful-looking bride is seen dressed in a stylish dress made from materials in red and purple colours.

Stepping out to the ceremony grounds, the bride was found in the midst of her bridesmaids who were dressed in purple-coloured outfits.

The moment the procession started, the disc jockey started playing the popular Victory gospel song by Eben.

Upon hearing the song, the bride jumps on to give an energetic dance including turning around in 360 degrees even though her dress seemed not too comfortable.

Her dance gingered her bridesmaids who joined in to exhibit their dance skills while one of the maids helped the bride with her dress so she could dance freely.

While the energetic dance is enough to catch attenti0n on social media, it does not end there as the bride decided to go against the latest trends.

It is the norm these days to see brides holding fluffy bridal fans at their marriage ceremonies to add style and also complement their colours. But this bride did not go that way. She rather chose to hold a kitchen fan, the one used to fan coal pots and known in twi-speaking areas as ‘papa’. And she held that ‘unconventional’ fan through her energetic dance.

Watch the video below;