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Powerful Man Pulls Trailer Using His Body in Viral Video [Watch Now]

By Admin . June 28,2021

A man wowed many with his show of strength as he pulled a truck with his body in a video that has gone viral. Many people wanted to know why the athlete put himself under much pressure to prove his strength.

There were some social media users who joked that what he did was nothing, saying they once moved mountains. The video of a weight-pulling athlete dr@gging a truck with ropes strapped around his body has gone viral on both Instagram and Tik Tok.

In the clip, many people surrounded the man as some whipped out their phones to capture the moment. After some seconds of a great attempt, the man exerted much energy as he slowly put the truck in motion. His type of activity, called vehicle pull, falls under what is known as the strongman sport of strength athletics. Watch the video below: