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Police Pr0be Viral Video of Women Tw3rking On SUV Cru!ser Caus3s St!r On Social Media [Watch Now]

By Ghpatoo . June 7,2021

A viral video sh0wing three women tw3rking on t0p of a moving police SUV has sparked an investigation in Chicago.

A 25-second clip of the incident, which was circulating on social media on Saturday and Sunday, sh0ws one woman on the r0of and another two p3rched on the h0od while a small crow3d look on.

In the video, s3en below, one woman can be s3en on her hands and kn3es across the front of the h0od, with her feet on either side of the windscreen and facing back at the driver.

Another, who is also dancing, can be s3en holding a cell and raising her arm in the air. The third is s3en on the r0of of the vehicle.

Watch the video below;