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Police Officer’s Phone Snatched By Th!eves On Motorbike In Broad Day Light [Video]

By Admin . July 7,2021

Ghpatoo.com has spotted a video online where a police MTTD officer’s phone was snatched by th!eves on a motorbike.

In the video, the police officer was standing in the middle of the road and making a call with his phone when suddenly, the th!eves emerged from nowhere and snatched the phone from him.

It is surprising how the th!eves managed to snatch the phone swiftly that the police officer could not do or say a thing. He rather ignored the th!eves and continued his usual traffic warden job.

It is advisable for one to be cautious when walking on the street with assets like mobile phones and others. It has also been advised that police officers desist from the use of mobile phones while on duty.