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Police and the Military clash over a mobile phone in Juapong

January 6, 2021

Police and the Military clash over a mobile phone in Juapong

In a report by MynewsGh, personnel of the Counter Terrorism Unit ( CTU ) of the Ghana Police Service and personnel of the Military at Juapong and on the Adomi bridge have clashed over a mobile phone.

It is said that one Amin Kailebie hit a phone from a CTU personnel’s hand, and in the process caused damage to it.

The two clashed after personnel of the Military detachment on the Operation Motherland at Juapong and on the Adomi bridge continuously disrespected the police.

Personnel of Ghana Police Service assembled forces to pass through Adomi bridge to show their rage but for the timely intervention of the Juapong District Officer, the situation would have been different judging from the bitterness and anger of the group.

Reports indicate that this was not the first time the Military personnel had been disobedient to Police personnel.

One Staff, Sergeant Ahiave collected serial numbers of side arms of the CTU personnel and on two occasions the said Staff Sergeant took ID cards of the CTU personnel and wanted to take pictures of the ID’s a situation the CTU personnel vehemently opposed and restrained him from doing so.

The issue is said to have been resolved after DSP Mr Ben Samani, DSP Mr Sackitey the Officer In Charge of the Police Detachment at Western Togoland Duties at Juapong, Lieutenant Yakubu 66 Artillery Regiment Commander at Juapong and Lieutenant, Mensah, Inspr Ackah and Warrant Officer Dorgbefu convened a meeting at the Juapong District Commander’s office to resolve the matter amicably.

The resolution went on successfully without any hitches or incident.

Both commanders agreed to compel their subordinates to act professionally and within the limits of the law, and preserve the peace.