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“Please ch0p me ten times and give me iphone 11pro max” – Slay Queen

By Admin . September 2,2021

A le.aked WhatsApp chat sheds light on the moment a desperate slay queen offered her p.u.ssy on a silver platter as a leeway to get herself the luxurious iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The young woman who introduced herself as Linda barged into the DM of the guy and tabled her proposition, hoping that the mere mention of the va.gina which excites several men will coerce him into the rare barter trade.

Linda told him that she wants to buy the phone but that she only has N150k, She then offered her to complete the payment with her body, saying that he can sle.ep with her up to 10 times.

The guy wasn’t willing to reach an agreement with her and rather than change her mind, the lady said that she would increase the number of times to 15 if he can add Airpods to the iPhone.

The guy got angry and at this point, he put her on the bla$t.

See the screenshot below