• pnkansah007

Places in Western Region you should consider visiting in 2021

Every year, people do not only hope that the year turns out to be a fruitful one, they also look forward to exploring the world the best way they can.

However, with the Covid-19 pandemic still ‘hanging around’ it might seem implausible to consider traveling abroad.

Thankfully, Ghana as a country has numerous beautiful locations that you may not have explored yet that you should consider visiting.

These three places in the Western Region, have some amazing views that you may like to add them to the to-visit list you have for the year.

Tucked 54.2 km away from Takoradi, the Regional capital, the small ancient town does not only have a touch of European history, but it also holds some traditional values that seem lost in the big cities.

The fresh air and the chirps of birds that greet you at the entrance of the small community tell you indeed, you have arrived at a serene venue to connect with nature and refuel for tasks ahead.

Originally, Princess Town was known as Pokesu [Po-kε-zυ] to wit ‘in the forest’, mainly because the residents were farmers and appreciated the setting of their community.

However, Prince’s Town, which has over the years, metamorphosed into “Princess Town” was named by the Germans when they built a fort and named it Fort Fredericksburg in honour of their Prince, Frederick William I, Elector of Brandenburg.

The town is best known as the site for the Fredericksburg fortress, constructed in 1683. The once-ruined fort was partially restored when former President Kwame Nkrumah used the place as his official residence when he visited the Western Region in 1964.

Princess Town also has one of the most beautiful beaches in Ghana mostly referred to as The Bay. The pristine beach has been much-admired and remains largely undisturbed and very relaxing.

Cap things off with a visit to the Black lagoon, known as Ehonle [ε-ho-lε] to residents of the community. Despite its name, the crystal clear water is sited the forest and does not only have an interesting story to how it came to be but the customary rites that has kept the water in its undisturbed state centuries now.

By the way, if you are a fitness enthusiast, you can embark on the two-hour hike from Princes Town to the lighthouse at Cape Three Point.