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Pictures Of University Students Kn3eling Down In Class L!ke Primary Kids Goes Viral [Watch Now]

By Admini . June 15,2021

Tigerwood is a Ghanaian tweep who broke this news out and after it h!t the internet, many people have started sharing their ideas concerning the !ssue.

His caption gives an impress!on that he was sh0cked. Well, he is not the only one expressing sh0ck at the moment. I was th!nking university students had the freedom to do whatever they l!ked since they were adu!ts but this picture proved otherwise. In this picture, these university students were given the same treatment just l!ke how the SHS, JHS and primary school kids are tr3ated.

Looking at the picture, you could see there was a writing stating that this incid3nt happened in UPSA. They were asked to kn3el down in a corner of the class and right after this picture announced itself to the public, the trolls coming in is unbearabl3. I don't know what they did but I th!nk the lecturer went too far.

University students are supposed to be adults and responsible so why treat them l!ke that? Some are even parents so why make them kn3el down in front of the class. Imagine the sham3 that comes with a grown up girl kn3eling in front of a young boy who is comfortably sitting in the class.

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