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Pickp0ckets receives unc0untable sl@ps from woman she tried to St3al [Watch Now ]

By Ghpatoo . June 11,2021

It was actually a h3ll of a moment for this bag seller who was accus3d of trying to sn@tch the bag of a trader and was subjected to instant abvse.

The fury from those gathered was so sev3r that the pol!ce had to int3rven to stop the man from being b3aten to a pu!p or !ynched.

Those who could admin!ster some sl@ps and jost!e did well to partake as the pickp0cket tried to s3ek cover from the w!ld sl@ps and pvnches flying from no where and landing on his fac3.

It was a thund3r and brimstone moment for him. The pol!ce had to whisk him away from the woman and other agitating f0rces before the w0rse happened.

Watch the video below: