• pnkansah007

Photos of NPP MPs dozing off in parliament after reporting early just to occupy majority seats

The battle between NDC and NPP MPs as to who would occupy the majority in parliament has become a very serious issue.

The last time the parliament house was in session, the NDC MPs reported at the legislative house early enough to occupy the majority seats.

After the NPP MPs came, they had no choice than to occupy the minority seats.

Well, today Friday 15 January 2021, NPP MPs has also decided to go there before the NDC MPs so as to occupy the majority seats.

It has been established that most of them had to cut their sleep at home just to arrive there as early as 4AM and 5AM.

Photos trending on social media sees them dozing off and the obvious reason is because they couldn’t have enough rest during the previous night.

Check out the photos below: