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Photos Of Couple Prote3ts Aga!nst B@d R0ad By Celebrating Honeymoon On Untarr3d Stretch Goes Viral

A newly-wedded couple decided to celebrate their honeymoon in the most bizarr3 way by st@ging a r0ad prot3st

The unnamed man and his wife went straight to the Ohi-Orogwe R0ad, Owerri in Nigeria’s Imo State after their wedding ceremony.

In pictures that have gone viral, the groom is seen in his wedding suit while his bride was also in her white gown.

Another photo captur3s the couple laying a bed in the middl3 of the untarr3d r0ad and enjoying what looked like breakfast.

A third photo also shows the newly-weds lying on the b3d and sharing some quality as part of their honeymoon.

Reports suggest the couple decided to celebrate their honeymoon this way as a prot3st aga!nst the b@d r0ad in the community.