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Photo of Afia Schwar in the arms of her twin son in only p@nt drops online after Akuapem Poloo

A photo of actress Afia Schwar wearing just p@nt and r3laxing in the arms of one of h3r twin sons has surfaced online amid Rosemond Brown’s j@!l sentence.

She is seen with the twin b0ys at the beach in a T-shirt with the b0y’s arms around his wa!st area while h3r b@ckside touched his shorts.

One could mistak3 them for lov3rs upon first sight, as the other twin b0y posed alongsid3.

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The photo is coming at a time Afia has jubil@ted over Rosemond Brown’s j@!l term and has called Ghanai@ns hypocrit3s and parasit3s for cond3mning the judg3 who sentenced h3r.

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