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Pan!c as female boss pursu3s employees during meeting, video sparks reactions [Watch Video]

Confusi0n as female boss pursu3s employees during workers meeting..

A video clip record3d in a workplace has generated hug3 reacti0ns on social media.

In the pr@nk video which went viral on social media and sighted by ghpatoo.com , an unidentifi3d female boss appear3d to be addressing an audience of workers in a meeting. The workers who formed a semi-circle were standing on their feet as they paid r@pt attention to their manager.

In between her address, she stagger3d a move that startled her employees – but regained her balance.

At the second stagger, she followed it swiftly with a h0t chas3 just as the workers took to their he3ls and sc@mpered for safety.

The 15-seconds pr@nk video has spark3d mixed reactions among social media users

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