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Nurse Shar3s Her S@d Moments After Delivering Emergency Health Service [Watch Now]

By Ghpatoo . June 5,2021

A disappo!nted health professional has shar3d photos that give a sorry account of how she got her white apparel soaked with mvddy water due to p00r roads.

Shar!ng these photos on social media, Blessed Angel said her work as an Emergency Health Service provider was done but in the end, she had to f!x herself.

Her nicely ironed white apparel was drench3d in th!ck mvd straight from her right h!p to her feet. Out of frustrat!on, she shar3d these photos and gave them a caption that dep!cts what these health professionals go through when they are posted to depr!ved communities across the country.

She intimated that things need to get f!xed in the country just as many Ghana!ana have been advocating in recent weeks.