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“No Face No Case”: Lady Puts White Mask And Dancing In Her Silky Body Exposing Her Br3ast And Butt

By Admin . August 13,2021

The rate at which videos of our ladies exposing their b00bs and butts on social media is becoming so alarming.

What most people don’t get is why they would take such videos of themselves in an enclosed place wisely but foolishly expose them later on social media. This is quite clear in a video that has had it’s surface on social media.

In this video, one would see a lady who knowing what she was doing will not earn her a good name covered her face in a white mask and dancing in her silky body exposing her br.ea$t and butt. One thing needs to be made very clear hear. It seems the campaign on the stop of the exposure of such videos is misunderstood by some personalities.

The thing is, our children who get exposed to such videos end up trying it and this end up swaying from the right path and hence these are expected to end and not that the videos can still be published but without the face.

The question is, if what the individual was doing seemed to be right, why did she not reveal her face in the act?

Let us learn to put the future of our little ones in mind before taking any step as that may either make or unmake them.

Watch the Video Below