• pnkansah007

Nigel Gaisie & Afia Schwarzenegger Re@ct To The Photo Of A Disabled Hawk3r

Viral photos of a disabled gir! hawking sachet water on the str33t has popped up on social

media and a lot of people have been praising the gir! for her brav3ry and how she didn't let her disability to keep her back on the ground.

Well, Prophet Nigel Gaisie has also joined the band, as he asked for any information about the girls whereabouts. He really wants to know if she's in Ghana and we think he wants to lend a helping hand to her as well.

He said she's a great inspiration that shows that your weakness should not be allowed to hinder you from working towards achieving greatness.

Popular comedienne and business woman Afia Schwarzenegger has also re@cted to the photo, and she also asked for the hawk3r whereabouts as well. To Afia Schwarzenegger she is a definition of a true hustler and she (Afia) Wants to be a part of that her story.