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My own father has used juju against my success for 41 years – Man cries

By Admin . September 5,2021

An unidentified man has openly narrated how his father used charm (juju) to withhold his success for several years.

The man who gave a brief rundown of his life story recounted how he struggled day and night to make ends meet, but his efforts seemed futile due to the extra-mundane force used by his own father to frustrate his hustle.

He illuminated how a pair of his shoe once got lost in a plane which led to him being deported, but later found the shoe in his family house in the village; a shoe he was putting on while stepping into the plane.

Narrating his weirds experiences, he wrote:

I am 41-year-old. I’ve really suffered in life but I will list only 2 situations cos I don’t want my story to be too long. I suffered in Nigeria to an extent I decided to travel to USA. Disappointment here and there till I went to mountain of fire for prayer. After the prayer, I was given visa. I was so happy. The day of our travelling, I was on the plane and was feeling sleepy. I removed my shoes and slept off, I woke up and couldn’t find one pair…”

Read the full gist below: