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My big buttocks hasn’t taken me anywhere; hard work did

6 January 2021

Actress, Fella Makafui

Award-winning actress and entrepreneur Makafui Fella says her big buttocks did not take her to where she’s got to in life at the moment.

The perception on social media is that Fella Makafui traded her body for all the material possessions she has.

But speaking on Accra-based Zylofon FM, Fella Makafui debunked such claims insisting that her hard work has always taken her places.

To her, every woman needs to work hard and not depend on their physical features.

“Even before we got married I was not all about my ass because my ass didn’t get me anything. It’s my hard work. I always say that if it’s buttocks or boobs, then everybody with buttocks will make it. If it’s buttocks and books then every woman should be happy where they are,” she told Zylofon FM in an interview monitored by ghpatoo.com

She noted that ever since she started her acting career, she has never flaunted her physical giftings and therefore there is the need for women to focus on making themselves better rather than depending on their buttocks and boobs.

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