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Man receives iPhone 12 Pro Max gift from an unknown lady he helped long ago with GHS500

January 4, 2021

A help provided by BigGodwin Martey so many years ago has multiplied into a brand new iPhone 12 Pro Max for him.

Apparently, a lady Nana Ama needed help some years ago to fix her health — she needed GHS500.

She messaged BigGodwin via Facebook asking him for help. He didn’t know the lady from nowhere, but he helped anyway.

Fast forward about a week ago, BigGodwinposted on his Facebook handle that he wants to try an Apple product this year because all these while he has been using Android but with the hype attached to iPhones, he would love to try them and see.

Unknown to him, this Nana Ama he helped some years ago saw the post and decided to surprise him.

Mr Martey said he was at home when he received a call from a dispatch rider that he has a gift which is meant to be delivered to him.

The CEO of ‘The Soft Group’ asked the rider if he can know the identity of the sender, but he responded that he’s not allowed to disclose the person’s identity.

Mr Martey after receiving the package was eager to open it. According to him, judging from how slim the package was, he thought it was a perfume.

But after reading the note attached to the gift, he was awe-struck knowing that someone he helped years back has decided to surprise him with such an expensive device.

Below is the letter attached to the phone:

BigGodwin wrote:

“My Goodness!😳😳😳 Please, please, please Nana Ama, I have received your shocking parcel, the despatch rider refused to give me your number and said you instructed him not to reveal your identity, he should just deliver and go.

I have tried to search through my friends list in Facebook and see which Nana Ama, they are plenty so I dont know who.😭.

I tried to go back to 2 years old Inbox chat but I cant find your chat, I remember I one time deleted all chats and started afresh.

You have shocked my Soul, I want to say a Special Thank you to you, please kindly inbox me and reveal your identity. You have amazed me beyond Words. I don’t even remember sending you any 500 cedis sincerely, because I do these things so often and randomly as people reach out to me in my inbox.

IPhone 12 Pro Max??? Wow!

May God bless you so much, so much, I am short of words. Please be rest assured I am 100% grateful for this, and you seem to be a silent follower, because I dont remember any Nana Ama commenting ever on my post.

I think I will do a Facebook Live to fully express my Gratitude to you, perhaps like 3pm today, and unbox this gift.

I am once again grateful! Pleaseeeee, let me know who you are, don’t be anonymous pleaseeeee😭”