• pnkansah007

Man push3s policeman insid3 gutt3r while trying to collect brib3 from him [Watch Video]

Drama as Man push3s police man inside gutt3r while trying to collect brib3 from him

A driver in Lagos has found himself in troubl3 for resisting arrest and ending up kn0cking down a policeman on a bridge straight into a gutt3r. The driver was chased by Nigerian Police and cross3d on a bridge where he was resisting an attempt. In the process of trying to drive away, he ended up kn0cking down a policeman while driving reverse to run away.

Unofrtunately, the police man jumped over the bridge and landed in a deep gutt3r under the bridge.

The police man’s survival is currently at stake if he comes out from the dirty gutt3r




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