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Man Peeved After Girlfriend Turned Up For Date With Friends To Squander His Money On Pizza (VIDEO)

By Admin . September 4,2021

A young man has shown so much anger, looking peeved after his girlfriend turned up to their date with friends to squander his money.

They all bought pizza and ‘takeaway’ from his money.

According to the details gathered, the man planned to spoil his girlfriend during the date but she tagged along with her friends without informing him.

A nosy patron secretly recorded a video of the middle-aged man in deep thoughts, probably counting losses, and shared it online.

The ladies who had accompanied his girlfriend to the date looked unbothered as they continued to squander his money.

They ordered pizzas and ice creams and since the poor man didn’t want to embarrass his girlfriend, he was forced to cater for the bills.

His reaction is priceless, and on top of it all, a young lady was heard laughing at him. He almost lost his cool.