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Man marries four women at the same time in a grand wedding ceremony

By Admin . August 23,2021

A Gabonese man has caused massive chaos on social media after he marries four women at the same time in a grand wedding ceremony.

Business mogul Mesmine Abessole, aka Kether De Bonegere, married Madeleine Nguema, Prisca Nguema, Nicole Mboungou and Carene Sylvania Aboghet at once during a ceremony held in Libreville, Gabon.

The ceremony of this marriage of ”

another kind” in the civil registry was

officiated by the fourth deputy mayor of

the Gabonese capital, Édouard Karim


Only Mesmin Abessolo, the hero of what

has appeared to many Internet users as

” a film “, certainly has the answer.

In front of a large crowd, he said yes to these four young women under the polygamous regime with separation of property.

The story is all the more crisp since the man is already married, in civil status to a first wife and already has a total of 32 kids.

It is also the latter who was his

witness and to whom he gave the

documents at the end of” this marriage

resembling a reality TV”.

Christelle Abessolo, the first wife since 2008, joyful, does not seem worried in the least.” She accepted her rivals with open arms,”