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Man Inserting L!ve Snake Inside His Nose And Taking It Out Of Mouth has Gutted Netizens

By Admin . July 7,2021

The video posted by actor Vidyut Jammwal shows a man inserting a l!ve snake into his nose who then takes it out through his mouth.

While surfing through the internet, we see hundreds of videos of people catching snakes, performing stunts and some videos leave people in shock. Here is one such video where a man inserting a snake into the nose will leave netizens amazed.

The video was shared by Bollywood actor Vidyut Jammwal on Instagram, but viewers have to think twice before watching this video because snakes are the most danger0us creature on earth, but thinking of inserting one into the nose? Can anyone imagine such things? Mr Vidyut has not mentioned where this video was taken and has captioned it as “I L0ve My India".

Despite many reacting in a shocking manner to the video, there were countless mixed reactions to the man’s feat. Many commented on the fact that the man was subjecting the reptile to abvse. “Animals shouldn’t be used for entertainment purposes," said one person.

Watch the video below: