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Man b3ats up slay queen for bedwetting after sleeping over at his place [Video]

ghpatoo.com . May 10,2021

A slay queen curs3d the day she was born and prayed the earth to swallow her alive after some ruthless guys b3at her up for bedwetting after sleeping over at his place.

A trending video is making rounds on the internet that captures the moment a man angr!ly assau!ts a slay queen she took home for the night.

The Slay Queen had gone to provide escort services to the guy but woke the next morning s0aked in urin3.

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In a video currently circulating on social media one can see the angry* man trying to b3at the young girl for wetting his bed.

The man who was visibly angry* could be seen thr0wing an object at the lady while she was sitting on his bed, and putting on her clothes.

Watch the video below;