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Man and his friends mercilessly flog cheating girlfriend in new video

Man friends flog cheating girlfriend

The video of a lady believed to have cheated on her boyfriend and ended up getting lashed to the pulp has gone viral on the internet.

From the video, about 5 men were seen flogging a lady mercilessly leaving her yelling for help.

Apparently, this lady was caught cheating on her boyfriend and the guy with his friends gave her the beating of her life.

The boyfriend who caught her right in the act, hired his buddies to help him teach the lady a lesson that will stay with her for a lifetime.

While beating her, one of the guys wet her clothes with water so that she would feel the belt strokes even more.


The video has been met with mixed feelings since it broke out.

Some have condemned the act and consider it an abuse while others claim that the lady in question got what she deserved, and that it serves her right.