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Lyna Promise Thr!lls Her Fans With H0t & S@ucy Photos [Watch Now]

By Ghpatoo . June 8,2021

Lyna Promise is a Ghanaian award-winning fashion model, a social media marketer, a brand ambassador and an entrepreneur.

Lyna Promise is young upcoming model who is really making her name in the books of the best models in Ghana. She started her modeling career about 3 years ago when she was in the tertiary institution.

Lyna Promise is a high fashion sense model who have been fl@unting her h0t and m!nd-altering photos to win a l0t of h3art. In her modeling career, she has won a l0t of prestigious awards.

P0pular among her awards is the v!xen model of the year award that she won at the Golden Style Awards in 2021.

Lyna Promise is p0pularly known on Instagram for d!splaying her h0t photos which thr!lls a l0t of Ghanaians. A l0t of her fans has been getting confus3d and insan3 0ver seeing her photos.