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L0vey-Dovey moment for Sammy of Date Rush fam3 as he secur3s himself another Nana Ama [Video]

By Ghpatoo . May 27,2021

Sammy of Date Rush fam3 has successfully secur3d a new gir!friend after he fa!led to make the mark of the ladies on the Date Rush sh0w.

A new video that has p0pped up on social media has Sammy and his new gir!friend making l0ve.

His new gir! identified as Nana Ama is seen all 0ver him hugging and clvtching though Sammy pret3nded not to be inter3sted in her mission.

Eventually, they both ended on a b3d doing their own thing. Sammy, a former student of KNUST became popular after his h3art got br0ken by Nana Ama who was also a student of the university.

A sensati0nal video of Sammy t3aring and b3gging the young lady went viral and Sammy became the talk of the town.

Now, he’s finally gotten the l0ve he s0ught after his ex-gir!friend left him.

Watch the video below: