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Lil Win T3ars Up As He Listens To Bl@ck Sherif’s Latest Song ‘1st Sermon’ [Video]

By Ghpatoo . May 24,2021

Bl@ck Sherif’s latest freestyle ‘1st Sermon’ has got many not only falling in l0ve with song but his talent as well.

After dropping a coupl3 of singles in the past, this is the first time the young act is getting such an attention from people, the one which came close to this was his ‘Money’ single.

Many celebrit!es have jvmped and jamm3d behind him solidly since the release. The latest celebrity to join in this is com!c actor Lil Win.

Lil Win while listening to the song br0ke d0wn and t3ared up. The song has h!t him so much to the extent that he couldn’t contr0l his t3ars from the message the song was carrying, which talks about how he, Bl@ck Sherif hustl!ng r3al h@rd with little or less support.

Watch the video below;