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Lady’s proposal ‘ends in Tears’ as she slaps man after saying yes to him [video ]

By Admin . August 23,2021

An interesting video circulating on social media captures the drama that ensued after a man proposed to his girlfriend.

In the trending video, the lady who is probably overwhelmed with em0tion gave her boyfriend a slap across the face after accepting his proposal.

The stunned boyfriend stood up and stormed off the supermarket where he had made the proposal as people looked on.

In a video , the lady couldn't contain her emotion at seeing her boyfriend on one knee with an engagement ring.

She first burst into loud screams, turned around excitedly and did something unusual.

The unidentified lady slapped her boyfriend after consenting to his marriage proposal.

She realised too late her wrongdoing and tried to make amends with her lover who left the premises angrily without completing the engagement.