• pnkansah007

Lady’s Face Gets Destroyed Just For Refusing A Man’s Proposal, Social Media Users React

An unknown man has taken his time to lay his hands on a lady while in a car over a proposal.

The man is said to have beaten the lady just because she refused his s3xual advances while sitting together in a car.

According to sources on twitter, the unknown man repeatedly and incessantly tried to coerce the lady to engage in a conversation with him.

But all his effort proved futil3 as the lady refused to engage in the conversation.

This then anger3d the man who felt disresp3cted and allegedly str!ke the lady hard on her face.

He is said to have h!t her very hard to the extent that the lady started to bl33d.

The sad story was shared by the lady’s friend who asked her friend to send her a Video of her bruis3d face.

To the friend, what makes her all the more angr*y is that the womanizer even bragg3d that his girlfriend is more beautiful and h0tter than the friend who refused to m!nd him.



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