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Lady emb@rrassed by man for visiting the mall & moving from shelf to shelf without buying any item

By Ghpatoo . June 3,2021

A lady was emb@rrassed by a gentleman who felt she was just there to pick items and move from shelf to shelf without buying any of the items.

A video narration also clearly sh0ws that the guy was p!ssed with the attitude of the lady who was clearly there for window shopping.

The guy, pressed beyond his lim!ts, went straight to this lady and asked her to refrain from picking items, putting them back and ending up moving out of the mall without purchasing an item.

The guy believed it was long 0verdue where some ladies who visit the mall for the sake of it or to take photos without actually buying anything are approached and emb@rrassed. The guy went on to pick some items and dr0pped them in her trolley,asking her to pay for it.

The lady looked on, emb@rrassed sh0cked and certainly dumbf0unded. Next time you get into the mall, try to buy some of the items you pick before you are subjected to ridicul3.

Watch the video below;