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Lady destr0ys her man’s car, fridge, other items after she c@ught him ch3ating [Watch Now]

By Ghpatoo . May 29,2021

A woman has been sighted in a video going on a rampage and destr0ying his boyfriend’s properties after she found that he has been sl3eping with other ladies.

Her h0t temperament spiraled out of control as she sma$hed the windscreen and windows of his car before proceeding into the house.

Once she was ins!de his r00m, she started destr0ying almost everything her eyes fell on as she channeled her frustrat!on and ang3r on his electrical appliances, starting 0ff with his refrigerator.

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Meanwhile, the man question wasn’t around and it t00k a neighbour to interv3ne and beg her to stop the destruct!on.

Watch the video below: