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Lady D!rty Herself & Bvrst Into T3ars As Her Long Time Boyfr!end Ask For Her Hand In Marr!age [VIDEO

By Ghpatoo . May 21,2021

A Nigerian woman’s emot!on started running wild the moment her man asked her hand in marr!age and the internet can’t st0p talking about it.

The woman who was very overwhelm3d with joy is s3en in the video r0lling on the fl00r and scr3aming after her fiance asked her the mag!c words, Will you marry me.

Significantly, this unforgettable moment in the woman’s life occurred on her birthday and it explains why she acted that way.

And even more dramat!cally, she had to be supported before she could stand on her feet to finish the conventional prop0sal her r0mantic husband to be started.

Watch the video below;