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Lady angry with her boyfriend for proposing to her in the market (VIDEO)

A video sighted on social media sees the moment a young lady angrily blasted her boyfriend in public for ’embarrasing’ her after he proposed to her in a market.

It has now become a common practice where guys tend to propose to the girlfriends openly in the presence of other people both known and unknown.

Though some people got bad response and feedback after proposing to their girlfriends and boyfriends in public, others are still not giving up on that.

This youngman in the video in our possession decided to try his luck by proposing to his girlfriend which got her very angry.

According to the lady in the video, why would her boyfriend choose the market of all places to propose to her.

She asked her boyfriend to get up since he was creating a drama which was embarrassing to her.

Watch the video below:

Social media is currently torn apart with some people condemning the lady, while the other party are also of the view that people copy blindly hence the boyfriend deserved what he got.