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Lady Almost Ran M@d After She Was Att@cked By Gangs When She Withdrew Money From The Bank [Video]

By Ghpatoo . May 20,2021

A young lady was left crying and she almost ran m@d after she was allegedly att@cked by a crim!nal gang who collected all her life savings from her. It was reported that the gang operated on a tricycle and that she unknowingly bordered the tricycle, at which point they pushed her out and collected her money.

The incident happened along Atiku Abubakar road in Nigeria where the lady decided to end her life after she thought all was over for her. She was sobbing uncontrollably and even considered committing suic!de by running into a car, but she was saved and consoled by others.

When she regained consciousness, she stated that she went to withdraw $ 52,000 from her bank account, which was her bank savings, and decided to use it to pay her internship fee after attending an interview at Tibest Pharmacy.

She decided to board a tricycle and that was where the incident happened when the criminal gang pushed her and sn@tch her money. See photos of her application letter and the amount she withdrew: