• pnkansah007

L3ak Video Of Ghanaian L3sbian Soldiers Who Got Married H!t Social Media [WATCH VIDEO]

Couple of weeks ago, we woke up to see two beautiful l3sbians dressed in all military attire tying the kn0t in a privat3 wedding ceremony.

This news stormed Ghanaian social media following the videos and photos of the marriage ceremony which went viral.

However, intelligence was later picked on them and they were arrest3d.Following massive investigations, it was found that, one of them was actually a military officer and the other a civilian.

The military lady was later charged for handing out her military attire to a civilian.

To our surprise, a bathr00m video of the romant!c couple enjoying themselves has surfaced on social media.

In the video, the two ladies seem excited about their relationsh!p as they both rubb3d each others b00bs slowly with soapy* water all over them.

They both seem to be awar3 of the camera rec0rding them as they looked straight into it and enjoy the mom3nt together.




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