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Kennedy Osei and wife Tracy finally show the faces of their adorable twins [video]

Kennedy Osei, the General Manager of the Despite Group of Companies and his wife Tracy Akosua Gyamfua Ameyaw have unveiled the faces of their cute twins.

A lot of celebrities are often courteous about the aspects of their lives that they put on social media and sometimes, this includes a conscious decision on their side not to invade the privacy of their close family members.

For celebs who have welcomed newborn babies, some of them take as much as a year or more before posting the full pictures of their children.

A lot of times, this decision is driven by security reasons and also the motherly instinct not to expose the child to social media too soon.

Since Kennedy Osei and his Tracy welcomed their bundles of joy somewhere in November 2020, the couple refrained from putting up the pictures of the babies on display.

Finally, on the birthday of his father, Osei Kwame Despite, Kennedy Osei and his wife Tracy presented their beautiful twins to their grandfather.

In the videos sighted by Osei Kwame Despite is seen holding the twin girls in his arms as he showers blessings upon their lives in what looked like a naming ceremony.

Watch the video below :