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Job-seeking lady rap3d, k!lled & bur!ed in a shall0w grav3

ghpatoo.com . May 4, 2021

The world has become scarier than I thought. Each day passes with a heart-wrenching story that will sh0ck you to the bone.

A 26-year-old female job-seeker, Iniobong Umoren (the Philosophy graduate of the University of Uyo) who was declared missing on Thursday, April 29, has been found d3ad.

The beautiful lady who left her home for a supposed job interview in the outsk!rt of Uyo has been rap3d and k!lled by a man who said he had a job opportunity for her.

Umoren wrote: “#AkwaIbomTwitter please I’m really in need of a job, something to do to keep mind and soul together while contributing dutifully to the organisation. My location is Uyo, I’m creative, really good in thinking critically and most importantly vast learner. CV available on request.”

See the post by the deceased lady for looking Job;