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It Stvck On My Neck-Armed R0bber Cries As He Reports Himself To Police After R0bbing Old Lady[Watch]

By Ghpatoo . June 4,2021

A young man who's an armed r0bber has steered up social media with his interesting but sad story of after he surrounded himself to the police to give a report of what he has done and the consequences he is facing for r0bbing an old lady.

According to the news currently making waves on social media, a young man who is believed to be between the ages of 25 to 30 years has reported himself to the police in Liberia.

According to the young man, he is an armed r0bber and he has been r0bbing people for a very long time as his source of living. He went on his usual operation last night but this time around, he came into contact with an old woman. As w!cked and heartl3ss as he is, he r0bber the old woman and made away with her sack.

As he got to his destination, it was time to get the st0len items 0ff his neck and search inside for what he has st0len from the old lady but unfortunately for him, the sack was not moving.

All efforts tried to get the st0len item 0ff his neck proved fut!le.The sack got stvck on his neck without he being able to bring it down from his neck.