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Intimate video of a Lady twerking and chopping love with her Dad causes stir on social media [Video]

By Admin . August 17,2021

A video of a lady twerking massively for her Dad as they ‘chop love’ has set many tongues wagging in the local digital space.

Many are left wondering how a father and daughter can be so close to the extent of doing such things and even filming it.

In the viral video, the supposed Dad was seen in a pool with his h3ad on the thighs of his daughter.

In another scene of the same video, the lady was seen entangled in the arms of her father while he kisses her on the cheeks from behind.

A different scene shows the moment the daughter was tw3rking massively for her Dad while he dines. He then stopped and slapped the butt of his daughter.

The video which was shared by the lady on Instagram have the caption ‘Dad’.

Watch the video below: