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I Will Pay Any Guy Who Will Pr3tend To L0ve Me For Just 24 Hours - A Lady Cr!es Out

By Admin - June 23,2021

A lady with twitter account name Amma Ns3moni posted some surprising massage to all guys.

According to Amma Ns3moni all the guys that are following her on her twitter handle should one of them pr3tend to be her boyfr!end just for 24 hours she would be very happy and also pay him in addition.

This lady is sounding to be s!ngle because she can’t be d@ting and as well be asking guys for date just for 24 hours.

According to the Amma Ns3moni, she will pay any guys who will pr3tend to l0ve her just for 24 hours.

This was what she wrote on her twitter page that is causing confusi0n on twitter “someone should pr3tend to be my boyfriend for 24hours, I’ll pay”

What could make this lady cr!ed for l0ve for just 24 hours. Well, that could be her choice. The lady has been trend on social media based on what she wrote on twitter.

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