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I Will Ch0pped Your Husband Always – Sl@y Queen Insu!t And M0cks W!fe [Video]

By Ghpatoo . May 24,2021

The term sl@y queen is used to refer to a person whose lifestyle revolv3s around looking good and turning h3ad.

While the w0man in this are known to f!ght 0ver b0ys and new trends, it has never been said that they f0ught 0ver what does not bel0ng to them in the first place.

A sl@y queen went bonkers and started m0cking and insu!ting a marr!ed w0man who confront3d her via phone, wanting to know why she is messing up with her husband.

The heartl3ss mistress confirmed to the marr!ed w0man that inde3d she is sl3eping ar0und with her husband and br@gged that she will continue to d0 so.

Watch the video below;