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‘I Was On My Own & They Sedvced Me Into Sleeping With Them’,Man Who Impregnated Twin Sisters Speaks

By Admin . July 9,2021

Man Who Impregnated Twin Sisters Admits: "I was on my alone, and they sedvced me into sle3ping with them."

Following a story of a guy who sl3pt with and pregnant the twin children of his fiancée in Lafia, Nasarawa state, the internet has been flooded with responses.

Following the death of her husband, the guy identified as Augustine Angwe began d@ting the mother of the twin daughters, Philomena and Patricia. He and the fiancée had come to an agreement on plans to marry after the death of her spouse.

Augustine stated in an interview with The Nation that he and the mother of the girls, Alice Ukange, had been d@ting since the beginning of 2017.

It was only after her twin daughters enticed and coaxed him into the deed that he realized he had no intention of sl3eping with or impregnating them.

As Augustine said to The Nation, the girls enjoyed themselves the first time they had a good time, and from then on, it became a regular occurrence until they were pregnant.

Further, he said that he advised the girls to terminate their pregnancies, but that they refused, claiming that their father had warned them against doing so in the first place.

During a conversation concerning the mother of the girls and his fiancée, Augustine acknowledged that he had m!streated her and begged for her forgiveness on the spot.

Augustine further stated that he has assumed the burden of caring for the twin sisters and their children in order to prevent their lives from being destroyed.