• pnkansah007

I swear I won’t take it - Lady refuses to take ab0rtion pills boyfr!end bought for her [watch now]

By Ghpatoo . June 13,2021

A hilar!ous video triggering Ghanaians to laugh out their worries see a girlfr!end who is refusing to take an ab0rtion pills from her boyfr!end.

In the video, the boyfr!end could be heard telling the girlfr!end to take the medicine to avoid keeping the pr3gnancy since they are not ready to have a child.

However, the gir! is afraid to lose her l!fe in process keot ab0rting the idea, saying nothing will make her take the pills.

She obv!ouly was not happy he ejaculat3d inside her in the first place and asked him severally whether he came inside her which he initially denied until he saw him with the medicine.

Watch the video below