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I’m A Winner; Nana Agradaa Surprisingly Jubilate Over Gh36,000 Court Fine [Watch Now]

By Adimini . June 16,2021

Nana Agradaa was paraded before the court today and a fine of GHC 46,000 was imposed on her as a pun!shment for displaying charlat@n materials on television and operating television channels without a license. In default, Nana Agradaa will spend four years in pr!son for the two charges.

But it seems Nana Agradaa is not bothered with the development. In a video premiered on her Thunder TV Facebook page, Nana Agradaa jubilated over the fines. According to her, God has been merciful to her and what the en3my wanted for her did not materialize. She was in a vehicle with her husband after the court judgment when she made the exciting pronouncements.

I’m very happy today. God has been good to me and my family today. About three days ago, I prayed on this judgm3nt and the Lord has made me victorious. He has turned all the curs3s into blessings. I’m very happy. I want all of my followers to wear white and begin to jubilate. The bl00d of the Lord has spoken. I’m victorious”. She indicated whilst dancing to gospel music in the background.

She h!nted that her television station will soon be released back to her and added that it was God who touched the hearts of the Judg3 to offer her that judgm3nt. Nana Agradaa added that she is thankful to the Lord for three things. She mentioned the day she repented, married, and the court judgm3nt as her happiest moments on earth.

“The en3my wanted me to be sad but that did not happen. God did not allow me to be defeated. We must all trust in the Lord. The Lord has spoken and everything has ended. The day I was married, today, and when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior are the happiest days in my life. God has favored the judg3s and given back what we lost. At the right time, we will organize a very big gathering and thank everybody who assisted us to this victory”. She indicated.

The jubilation by Nana Agradaa can only be described as surprise since she is facing punishemnet for her cr!mes but the opposite is the situation. It seems Nana Agradaa has the GHC 46,000 to settle her fine and that will avoid her being thrown into ja!l.