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Iโ€™ll end Fameyeโ€™s life in 2 weeks with Antoa โ€“ Ogidi Brown vows

December 28,2020



Fameyeโ€™s former manager, Ogidi Brown has vowed to end his life with Antoa for his ungratefulness.

[Antoa Nyamaa is a popular river god deity with its shrine located at Antoa in the Ashanti Region in Ghana. Itโ€™s believe that the deity has the potency of killing people who are found guilty of a crime.]

Speaking in a live video, Ogidi Brown said Fameye owes him $50,000 and has refused to pay him.

Ogidi Brown said Fameye do comes to his house with elders to plead with him that theyโ€™ll pay the money.

But after so many months now, Fameye hasnโ€™t paid the money only for him to now organise a concert.

The OGB Music CEO said heโ€™s hurt because he feels used.

โ€œHow can you not pay my money yet you have money to organise a concert?โ€,ย  he quizzed

โ€œFameye I am giving you two weeks, I am giving you two weeks, it is traditionalist, that will solve our issues for us. $50,000 is nothing to me but trying to cheat me is painful and Iโ€™ll send you to Antoa and curse you. I swear to God. Today, you are playing concerts after I invested in you.โ€, he further said.

โ€œIf i curse you and you die and Ghanaians refuse to listen to my music, I donโ€™t careโ€, Ogidi Brown said.

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