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‘I have all the money, but I'm looking for young man who can perform in b3d’,lady posted on Facebook

By Admin . July 9,2021

A 39 years old woman decided or rather opted to use social media platform to try her luck in finding young man who can perform.

This woman shared that she doesn't have children and she has money or rather all money that she needs but she is failing to find love.

She said if there is any young man out there who feels like he can sat!sfy her, must just respond on the Facebook post or message as a matter of agent.

In a golden old days this could have seen as immoral but this days it has dominated and accepted by many.

From streets we heard that men's are afraid to approach successful women but find it easy to those who are not successful.

By the look of things, it is also a case here because this woman from South Africa seems financial stable but she is failing to find love with good performance.

If you feel like you can perform and you are young, you can leave a message here or respond.

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