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I Had S3x With 13-Year Old Guy When I Was 5 -Abena Korkor Rev3als [Watch Now]

By Ghpatoo . May 31,2021

Nana Abena Korkor Addo had a bunch of shocking revelat!ons to sp!ll during her recent appearanc3 on the Delay Sh0w but none more shocking than this.

Korkor told Delay that she’s always had a fascinat!0n with s3.x which is why she becomes 0ver s3xualised whenever she gets a man!c bip0lar episode.

However, Korkor rev3aled she’s also been having s3x a long time, dat!ng all the way back to her childhood.

She shockingly rev3aed that at 5-years of age, she agreed with a 13-year old guy to have s3x.

She said it was consensu@l but she later became troubl3d thinking about it when she realized she could have kept her ‘flower’ to herself for a b!t longer before giving it out.

Her answer came as Delay was trying to dig deeper and find out why s3x is such a b!g part of her life.

Watch the video below;