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I gave you my school fees;A Guy w3eps uncontrollably after he c@ught here girlfriend ch3ating [Vid

By Ghpatoo . June 15,2021

Guy who gave his school fees to girlfriend to celebrate her birthday w3eps uncontrollably after he c@ught her ch3ating with TA

An a!mless guy who spent GHC 1,800 of his school fees on his girlfriend w3ep like a child after she dumped him

It is becoming a thing of norm as to how stories relating to br0ken h3art keeps appearing every single day on social media.

A video circulating sh0ws a tertiary student crying out for help after realising his girlfriend was ch3ating on him with her TA.

According to the br0ken h3arted guy, he skipped his exams after giving his school fees of GHC 1,800 to his ch3ating girlfriend.

Watch the video below;