• pnkansah007

‘I Don’t Want The Car Again; A Video Of a Fr@ud Boy Run M@d On The Stre3t [Watch Video]

A video of a man crying and acting like he is menta!ly derang3d surfaced online and has since been gener@ting mixed reacti0ns from people.

According to the video, the guy who appe@rs to be a yah00 boy got 0ut of his black Mercedes Benz and started cr*ying that he doesn’t want all the m0ney he has anymore.

Then he started rem0ving his cl0thes att3mpting to str!p himself, but a lady who appe@r to be his girlfriend tried h0lding him back, but she could only do littl3.

Passersby got involv3d, held him d0wn, and started p0uring some cold sach3t water on him to get him calm3d but he kept shout!ng, “take everything,” I don’t want the car, I don’t want your m0ney.

It appears sc@ry, but it could be another publicity* stvnt like the one pulled by a guy who kept sh0uting that he can’t use his mom for ritu@l in a video that went viral last week.

But any which way, it is advisable not to engage in anything fet!sh to avoid a sudd3n att@ck by the spir!t like the one shared in this video.




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